Arabia School & Mutku Makerspace

8.4 Arabia School & Mutku Makerspace

I samarbejde med Playful Learning Center, Helsinki University, har vi fået mulighed for at besøge Arabia School og deres Mutku Makerspace. Mutku Makerspace er et lab for kreativ læring på en skole i bydelen Arabia, hvor de er i færd med at udvikle et nyt rum for arbejdet med design. Lab’et skal lære eleverne at arbejde med de forskellige trin i en designproces.

Ms. Mari Suokas-Laaksonen the principal of Arabia school is able to welcome us to her school in order to learn from their work and developments around design-based curriculum and makerspaces.

They are also very interested to learn from our work with regards to enhancing design, making and similar themes in Danish schools. Thus, they are hoping this meeting will be a knowledge sharing session between us all.

Playful Learning Center er en af partnerne i et stort EU forskningsprojekt ‘The MakEY-project’:
Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing digital literacy and creativity (MakEY) This project explores the place of the rising ‘maker’ culture in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills. Research projects will be undertaken in seven EU countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Norway Romania, UK) and the USA in which staff working in makerspaces (including Fab Labs) will collaborate with academics to identify the benefits and challenges of running makerspace workshops in both formal (nurseries and schools) and informal (museums and libraries) educational settings. The research team will work in partnership with academics in Australia, Canada, Colombia, South Africa and the USA, creating a global network of scholars who will work together to further understanding of the role of makerspaces in developing young children’s digital literacy and creativity.

The MakEY project:
Playful Learning Center, Helsinki University:
Tid og sted: Tirsdag kl. 14-16 Elämää Arabian peruskoulussa

Mål: Inspiration til hvordan man kan arbejde med kreativ læring og designprocesser i skolen. Gør de det samme som os? Gør de noget andet? Hvad kan vi lære af dem? Hvad kan de lære af os?

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